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Torsdag den 30/5-2024
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Korrespondance mellem den filippinske og danske sømandskonef

Alice Lamigo - formand for SWAPI - den filippinske sømandskoneforening, sender igennem denne brev veksling, sin hilsen til alle sømandskoner her i landet:

Sun, 1 Jan 2012 22:59:41 +0800
From alicelamigo@yahoo.com
To birgitlarsenjensen@hotmail.com

Happy holidays, Birgit! How are you?

Affectionately Yours,


From birgit
To alice lamigo
Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Alice

Thank you very much for your holday greeting.

Well, time is runnig far too fast. I am enjoying new love and new place of living, on a farm with a tractor museum and many actitivties referring to this.

I am also still member of the Danish Seaman Womans Association, and in my old local area of Denmark, we are these days preparing the next yearly seminar on 6th of October this year.

Are you coming to join us on this occasion??

I keep thinking of all of you and wish that you are all happy. Also that all the disaster your country is encountering, is not harming your members and families.

I pray for all of you.

I heard from the Danish Seahealth Board, that some of their employers had a very giving and interesting meeting with you and your members. One of them took the parcel from Melly Pagunsan along to Denmark. Thank you very much.

Warmest regards


From alicia curada lamigo
Til birgit larsen jensen

Dear Birgit,

We are glad that you've adjusted your love life in the farm which we believe is more peaceful and refreshing. Life is what we make it.

We are facing economic and political crisis as you've already known from international media. Our government is bent on punishing past and present corrupt officials. We are really requesting for prayers that his anti-corruption drive will succeed so that peace and understanding will reign in our land.

Yes, the representatives from Danish Seahealth Board visited us but their time was limited and so we were not able to treat them as we wanted to. Please extend our regards to them.

Our activities since last year were mostly in giving assistance to our members who had been victims of natural calamities and incurable diseases. Two active members passed away already and still we have two suffering from cancer.

I was also hospitalized last December 25 until 27 for acute gastritis. Thank God I have recovered and back to advisory work.

Our regards and valentine greetings to you and to all members of your organization.

Affectionately Yours,


Kilde/ forfatter: Alice Lamigo, Dato: 16/2-2012
Kategori (i): The Phillipines

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